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    We are excited to bring you a mobile friendly and responsive new look with visual interactive tools. Our online store will have multiple options for you to choose from for every application. Carpet, Tiles, Laminate, Vinyls, Area Rugs, you name it and its at your fingertips.campbells-area-rugs-and-carpeting-mobile-screensho

     You can place orders from anywhere with mobile access.

    You will also have the tools to visualize your room with our many options for flooring.

    This site is a commitment to keeping up with our customers needs and the ability to meet immediate their demands.

    Value of Great Flooring
    We believe the ground you walk on; should make you feel like walking on air.

    Customized Applications
    From home, to hi-rise, businesses to yachts, our expertise delivers.

    Customer Quality Assurance
    Our Customer Service will ensure a fast, friendly and quality experience.

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    Know the difference!

    Welcome to Campbell’s Area Rugs & Carpeting, We’re a full-service and reliable flooring company providing sales and installation of flooring options all through Florida and its environments. With years of experience in the flooring industry, we have one of the…

    Water Proof Vinyl

    When you are looking to get a different kind of flooring that can offer a timeless appeal, keep up with your daily activities, add elegance and also increase your home value, the new range of vinyl flooring is one of…

    Water Resistant Laminate

    Water Resistant Laminate flooring Laminate Flooring has made significant changes to the flooring industry and continues to make remarkable improvements over its hard surface equivalents. It is probably one of the most popular choices for homes or offices and comes…

    Porcelain Tiles

    PORCELAIN TILE FLOORING Perhaps you’re constructing a new home and looking a new flooring option apart from carpet and hardwood or you are simply looking to upgrade your flooring to something new and a little more appealing than what you…


    Carpet flooring When it comes to upgrading a home, it’s important to spend wisely and invest in upgrades that are sure to ultimately add to its overall value. While some people invest yearly in the form of upgrades to cabinetry…

    Area Rugs

    AREA RUGS FLOORING When it comes to home improvements, the last thing many people would want to invest in is the floor. Some see it is as a waste of money to install new flooring when the existing floor has…

    Know the difference!
    Water Proof Vinyl
    Water Resistant Laminate
    Porcelain Tiles
    Area Rugs